17-year-old indicted on aggravated robbery

17-year-old indicted on aggravated robbery

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A Lubbock grand jury has indicted 17-year-old David Frazier on aggravated robbery. 

According to an arrest warrant, Frazier and three others stole a car and drove to Willie Brown's home, asked for his son who was in jail and then proceeded to enter the home. Once inside the living room one of the assailants demanded Brown's wallet at gun point. A struggle ensued. 

Brown was hit in the head twice with a handgun and then was held down on the ground. He was hit again with the gun then punched repeatedly. 

According to Frazier's statement to police, he said they were on a run and were supposed to "go rob a dude for some weed."

Frazier is currently held in the Lubbock County Jail.

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