With your help, mounted patrol hopes to expand presence

With your help, mounted patrol hopes to expand presence

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The mounted patrol unit for Lubbock Police is not only keeping us safe, but it is providing an opportunity to interact with law enforcement. 

Lieutenant Jeanelle Wadkins is one of six officers fully trained as mounted patrol.

"A lot of times we're not associated with a good time in their lives, the horses kinda break that," Wadkins said. 

The unit is part time and Wadkins said they are working to build a larger presence. 

"It allows us to communicate with our citizens and hopefully get to know them better and provide a service they are proud of," Wadkins said. 

David Chapman with The Lubbock Police Foundation said they are collecting donations for these officers. 

"It's their own horse, their own equipment, their own time, their own vehicles," Chapman said. "They're doing this out of the goodness of their heart and willingness to serve."

Wadkins said it is important these horses have the proper equipment, but it is costly. She said only two out of the 10 horses have protection boots. 

"The horse are barefoot and you can't have metal shoes because of all the different surfaces, they'll slip and fall, " Wadkins said. "So these help protect their feet from glass, rocks, nails, the different surfaces that we have, but they also provide the protection for the horse and officer where it gives them traction on no matter what surface we're on, so they don't slip and fall." 

Wadkins and Chapman's hope is that with more donations, the horses will be fully equipped and more officers will be trained.

"Especially now that we're getting used as much as we're willing to be used, they can use us, there's a need for us," Wadkins said.

If you want to donate directly to the mounted patrol click here or call 806-775-2480.

For more information on the unit, visit their Facebook page

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