2018 marks 50 years of 911

2018 marks 50 years of 911

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

It is a system most tend to take for granted and contrary to popular believe, 911 has not always been the emergency communications standard. 

It was not used until 1968 and Congress did not mandate it until the '90s. 

"For 24-25 years there the number 911 was being used in systems and being built to use it," said Michael Grossie, Exec. Director of Lubbock's Emergency Comm. District. "It took until 1991 before it was officially recognized as the universal emergency number."

Since its inception 50 years ago the way 911 has been used has changed drastically. 

"When I first started it was just landlines cause cellphones weren't really around and then cellphones came into play and there were different phases of the cellphones, and then of course we have texting to 911 now," said Melissa Orosco, Communications Coordinator, Lubbock PD. "We've had that a little over two years now."

Grossie said this innovation shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He said there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done.

"Video, photos, in the school shooting incidents we see lots of video coming out of that after the fact," Grossie said. "Wouldn't that be nice if they could have sent that directly to a 911 center that could've been patched out to the cars in the field so that they could have visuals of what's going on before they arrive."

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