Look Around Lubbock: Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center

Look Around Lubbock: Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center

Lubbock ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are organized into career clusters, providing students an introduction to specific career areas and options for further education or immediate employment.  These programs offer students the opportunity to earn industry certifications and college credit while in high school.

Lubbock ISD offers students the opportunity to learn about many career choices in fifteen of the career cluster areas.  They are as follows:  Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Architecture and Construction, Arts, Audio/Video Production & Communications, Business Management and Administration, Education & Training, Finance, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety, Manufacturing, Marketing, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.  We actually combine Finance and Marketing into our Business Management and Administration cluster. 

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) provide opportunities for leadership and citizenship development and counselors are available at each high school to provide specialized course and career planning.

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