Survive the Night program aims to assist those living on the str

Survive the Night program aims to assist those living on the streets

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

"Doing the Most Good." That's the Salvation Army's mission. During the winter, volunteers and the DART team stop waiting for clients to come to them.

The Salvation Army has officially kicked off it's Survive the Night program. Its primary goal is to assist those living on the streets with the resources they need through the night, including warm clothing, hot meals, and try to convince them to spend the night at the shelters. 

"The purpose of course is to help them get through the night," said Dave Freriks, Disaster Coordinator with Lubbock's Salvation Army. "If they want to we will be happy to bring them down here in our shelter we have the room." 

Many of those people forced on to the streets choose not to go back to the shelters, despite that the volunteers still offer them help providing blankets, caps, scarfs, socks, gloves, hot meals, and beverages. 

"It's actually a privilege," said Peter Griffith, Salvation Army advisory board president. "It's a privilege to do this anytime you start reaching out to other people your the one that wins, you're the one that gains from it and it is also neat to just shake hands and touch the lives of other people who may be a little harder off, so it's a lot of of fun." 

The Salvation Army is always in constant need of assistance in it's efforts whether it be winter clothing, canned goods, or volunteers for the Survive the Night. If you would like to help you can visit the following website for more details.

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