Arrington says Veterans Health Admin needs to 'get in gear'

Arrington says Veterans Health Admin needs to 'get in gear'

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Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington blasts the Veterans Health Administration leadership for declining to attend today's V.A. hearing.

The House committee holds a hearing to discuss the new program that's meant to simplify the way medical centers buy supplies to treat veterans.

A study by the Government Accountability Office finds the program has yet to meet the efficiency goals.

A spokeswoman for the G.A.O. says it's not happening due to a lack of consistent leadership.

That leadership, Arrington said, declined to come to the meeting and that's something he wants to address with a ranking member.

"Express our serious concern that they aren't here at this hearing to explain why this program isn't working for our veterans, and to tell them that they need to get in gear in hiring people and getting their operation fully functioning," he said.

The spokeswoman for the G.A.O. tells Arrington the chain of command within the V.A. is complicated, and an acting management position has turned over multiple times since 2009.

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