Testimony continues in 'West' Garza murder trial

Testimony continues in 'West' Garza murder trial

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In the murder trial of Pete Garcia, Jr., jurors heard about violence months before the deadly shooting. Garcia is accused of killing Orestes "West" Garza in front of St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in February of last year. 

That happened after Garcia's wife, Judy, left him for Garza. 

Plumber Justin McInroe told the jury he witnessed a fight at Garza's home in October 2015.

That was close to the time Garcia's divorce was finalized. That fight involved the defendant's son and Garza. He testifies the defendant came to where McInroe was working and asked where they were.

Minutes later, another fight broke out when the defendant and his son teaming up against the musician. 

McInroe called 911, reporting the pair was quote "beating the hell out of him."

A hospital worker testifies Garza was left with subtle facial fractures.

One of Judy Garcia's co-workers says she started working from home because she feared for her safety in late in 2015 into 2016. He testified it was because the defendant was hanging out in the lobby of their office. 

Prosecutors say Garcia shot Garza four times, including once through the groin while the victim was on the ground.

They claim Garcia just couldn't let his divorce go.

Defense attorneys say the defendant was at St. Elizabeth's the night of Garza's death to see the truth for himself.

Testimony will resume tomorrow. If convicted, Garcia faces five years to life in prison.

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