INTERVIEW: Sestero on "The Room" to "The Disaster Artist"

INTERVIEW: Sestero on "The Room" to "The Disaster Artist"

"The Room" (2003) has a reputation as one of the best worst movies ever made, and a lot people love it for that very reason. It as become a cult classic and a favorite for midnight theater screenings. The notoriously mysterious Tommy Wiseau financed, wrote, directed and starred, and his close friend, Greg Sestero, co-starred and helped him get it made. Sestero told the story of making the movie in his book, "The Disaster Artist," which has now been adapted into a movie starring James Franco as Wiseau and Dave Franco as Sestero. It opens in Lubbock this weekend. 

Sestero was a guest on "Good Day Lubbock" to discuss the journey of coming full circle.

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