Medical examiner takes the stand in 'West' Garza murder trial

Medical examiner takes the stand in 'West' Garza murder trial

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Lubbock County Medical Examiner Sridhar Natarajan took the stand in the case against the Levelland man accused of killing Orestes "West" Garza.

Dr. Natarajan says the gunman hit the victim four times and described the wounds in detail to the jury.

He says Garza was hit first in his back through his right shoulder.

That damaged his spine and dropped him. The next shots were in his other shoulder and his torso, damaging his organs.

The final shot was through the groin while Garza was on his back. That bullet lodged itself beneath his ribs.

Prosecutors say the February 2016 ambush followed months of feuding between Garcia and the victim after Garcia's ex-wife, Judy, divorced him to be with Garza. The state suggests Garcia "just couldn't let it go."

Judy Garcia told investigators the defendant repeatedly threatened her via phone messages in the months prior.

Defense attorneys say Garcia was at Saint Elizabeth's church that night to find out the truth for himself.

The defendant's ex-wife told police she was with Garza at the church and saw Garcia chase the victim before shooting him.

The trial is expected to last at least through the end of the week. If convicted, punishment ranges from five years to life in prison.

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