Stressed out: political climate worrying students

Stressed out: political climate worrying students

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Students nationwide are reporting that they are stressed and gripped by anxiety and it isn't because of academics. A recent study conducted by UCLA indicates more than three quarters of surveyed teachers report their students are worried about their families well being due to the political climate. 

"Teaching and Learning in the age of Trump," was conducted by John Rogers the director of the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at UCLA. The focus of this study was to identify what effect Trump-ism has in the classroom, this all according to more than 1,500 teachers across the nation.  

"The sample size is excellent from a survey methodology standpoint," said Ryne Sherman, Associate Professor from the Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University. "There are many high qualities to the research there." 

The survey asked teachers if the national debate on topics such as immigration enforcement is causing stress and is the combative political dynamics  contributing to incivility between students.

More than 50% of teachers surveyed said more students are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety than in the previous year and more than 79% of respondents report that their students are expressing concerns for their well being.

"What we are probably going to see is student's struggling right," said Sherman. "And it's not just socially but also academically because of result of these feelings that they have to deal with internally and you know certainly mentally as well." 

A sense of unpredictability can create stress for many.

"When people feel less certain and when we feel more uncertainty," said Sherman. "We feel more stress and the stress can lead to both anxiety and can also lead to depression as well." 

The following link will lead you to the full report conducted by John Rogers

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