Ancestry companies come under scrutiny after producing vastly di

Ancestry companies come under scrutiny after producing vastly differing results


Those DNA kits that are now more popular than ever - are being called into question. A woman says she used two different popular services to  trace her family history and got wildly different results.

Jennifer Smith says she received the kit, followed the directions, and mailed it back. Then, she waited the 4-to-6 weeks. Smith's breakdown from ancestry showed 97% European, 2% Asian. There's just one problem - she's black. She contacted Ancestry with questions,  but says a rep told her, the results are accurate. Smith decided to try again, but this time, she submitted a DNA sample to 23andMe. Those findings showed 70% African for Smith, after Ancestry's findings showed none.

William Gilliland is a biology professor at DePaul. He says DNA kits can be great for connecting family members and finding relatives, but the science for ethnicity testing isn't as concrete. He says what likely happened in Smith's case is that her test got mixed up with another in a lab or contaminated.

Fox News reached out to both DNA testing agencies. Ancestry said it is incredibly unusual to find these kinds of variations in results. The company claims the most likely scenario is that the tube was confused for another BEFORE it reached Ancestry's labs. 23andMe claims because companies use different algorithms to make ancestry assignments, there can be differences when comparing tests from different companies. 

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