Homeless outreach begins for the winter season

Homeless outreach begins for the winter season

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Finding shelter, food, and clothes is a daily struggle during the winter months for those who live in tents or on the street. Fortunately there are several initiatives in place to help with these necessities.

The Lubbock Salvation Army will begin its Survive the Night program this week, providing the essentials like blankets, warm clothes, hot meals, and warm drinks. The ultimate goal is to convince homeless people to come back to the Salvation Army for more long term assistance.

"When the temperature is 30 degrees or below by 6 p.m. the DART team will get the disaster cantine," said Erica Hitt, Social Services Manager for the Salvation Army. "They will go out and try to find individuals to either bring back to the shelter or give them the necessary things for them to survive the night."

Along with the Survive the Night program the Salvation Army is also implementing it's cold cots a service offered year round. 

Paul's Project Grace Campus is also gearing up for the winter providing those in need overnight shelter. 

"Well anytime it gets cold, we always, open up the door to the barn if it get's below freezing," said Chris Moore, Executive Director of Paul's Project. "Anybody from the streets can just  come in and we will give them a warm place to stay." 

Both the Salvation Army and Paul's Project are looking for warm clothes, blankets, canned foods, and hygiene products to continue it's efforts during this winter season. 

If you would like to donate and assist these two organizations contact information is below. 

Salvation Army http://www.salvationarmytexas.org/ways-to-give/

Paul's Project Grace Campus https://www.paulsprojectlubbock.org/book-online

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