Truck drivers protest ELD mandate

Truck drivers protest ELD mandate

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Truck drivers across the nation are protesting a law which drivers say puts an unreasonable financial burden on small trucking companies. 

Travis Anderson is one of the many small owner/operators who oppose the mandate. It requires all semi-trucks to be outfitted with an electronic logging device (ELD) to ensure drivers do not exceed the legal amount of time behind the wheel.

The problem with the mandate is that the equipment is expensive and it ties the hands of drivers by limiting how much they drive.

"It's extra money that I have to put in the trucks that I shouldn't have to spend because a piece of paper for a paper log is a penny a sheet," said Travis Anderson, owner of Rockin TA Transportation. "The ELD is going to cost me over $600 a truck."

Anderson runs five trucks. He will have to fork out at least three grand just to outfit them, not to mention the monthly program costs. It is an expense he said will be tough to recover.

"I'll have to cut something else out like repairs on a truck," he said. "Do I do a brake job now or do I wait til they're all the way gone and it's just, you're going to have to find the money somewhere if you're going keep running."

Houston Congressman Brian Babin has thrown his support behind the truck drivers. He is urging lawmakers and President Trump to waive the mandate, allowing for more time for drivers to adjust for the changes.

"We want the president to honor his promise, to listen to the small guys and ladies, the ladies and gentleman that are hauling our goods across the country and we want to have a waiver so that we can work through the bug, the unknowns of ELD's," Rep. Babin said.

The mandate will go into effect Dec. 18th.

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