A decade of serving: "Santa Cops" spread Christmas cheer

A decade of serving: "Santa Cops" spread Christmas cheer

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The 10th annual Santa Cops program signals the start of Christmas for one special group of kids.

The Lubbock Professional Police Association continuing its long tradition of partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock with their Santa Cops program. Forty-one children are enrolled in this mentoring program, each paired with an officer who takes them holiday shopping.   

The Christmas caravans head throughout town shuffling youngsters by way of a police motorcade starting early in the morning.

The kids are taken to eat breakfast with Santa, Cardinals Sporting Goods to get shoes, Walmart for toys, Bodyworks for some fun, and to Yates Carpet for a Christmas story and a surprise of a new bicycle. 

"We weren't gonna have that much of a Christmas this year and now this just feels like my Christmas," one BBBS child said.

LPD Lt. Mike Steen said its purpose is clear.

"To provide toys and clothes and just a Christmas for kids that were in need."

Not only does this program teach kids the spirit of Christmas, it promotes the season of generosity.

LPD investigator Olivia Boggs said she and her husband sponsor a child each year to make a difference.

"Just to see their hearts, it's not about give me, give me, they're ready to give as well."

This special day impacts these kids in need. 

"There's children out there from all walks of life that need somebody to step in and just make a difference for them in that day," Steen said.

The officers, like Thomas Thompson, are proud to be that difference.

"Honestly I can say for every officer that it's an honor, it really is just to spend time with kids who may not otherwise have a good Christmas, it's nice to somehow play a role," Thompson said.

"I just hope that this Christmas is for them is probably one of the better ones that they'll ever have," Boggs said.

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