NAACP questions transparency in search for Lubbock ISD superinte

NAACP questions transparency in search for Lubbock ISD superintendent

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Members of the Lubbock chapter of the NAACP are raising concerns about what they call a lack of transparency in the search for a new LISD superintendent. 

The chapter wrote a letter to the Lubbock ISD board of trustees addressing issues such as the length of time the job has been posted and a rumor that the board has already made a decision on who they wanted to hire to replace Berhl Robertson. 

"And so they are coming to us saying we've tried, there is no information being put out, there is no transparency, is there anything you can do? Lubbock NAACP Treasurer Milton Lee said. "And we don't know what we can do, but we wanted to make sure that they know that we are abreast about what's going on and we need to have some answers."   

NAACP members would like to know who the board of trustees are considering and want their opinions and suggestions. 

Lubbock ISD issued the following statement:

"The Board of Trustees met on October 30 to begin discussing the search process for a new superintendent. Rather than expend scarce district funds to hire an outside consultant to conduct the search, we decided to post the position first and take applications, knowing there was a pool of quality candidates in our area, already familiar with the district. We have received many applications from skilled candidates; however, nothing precludes us from opening the position to a wider search in the future. The job requirements and length of the post are identical to the post made when Dr. Robertson was hired. We have given public notice of our subsequent meetings and have begun the process of interviewing several capable applicants.  State law provides for the superintendent search process to be conducted in closed session and applications are kept confidential as a matter of law, in order to attract the best candidates, without jeopardizing their current positions.

Our board has been elected by this community to provide governance and set policies that serve the needs of all students. I can assure you that this responsibility, to ensure quality educational opportunities for every single Lubbock ISD student, is at the forefront of every discussion, deliberation and decision. We believe our course of action has been appropriate and we will continue until we find the best person to serve as our next superintendent and carry on the outstanding work provided to the district by Dr. Robertson."

- Laura Vinson, President, Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees

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