Holiday shopper finds solution to package thefts

Holiday shopper finds solution to package thefts

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Instead of giving presents, some are stealing them. Police see an increase of stolen packages every year during the holidays.

Briley Waldroop, a Texas Tech student has been living in her home for two years and had five packages stolen. She said she cannot manage to go a few months without dealing with theft. 

"It's just kinda annoying that we can't even have packages delivered to our house because they've been even stolen during the daytime," Waldroop said.

Sergeant Mark Wims said they are expecting an increase in reports following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

"This week is probably when we'll start to see these types of crimes pick up because the packages and orders will start arriving at the homes," Wims said.

Once a package is stolen, it is highly unlikely it will be returned. So Wims said to take some precautions.

Arrange for a delivery time, if you can when someone is going to be home." Wims said. "Arrange to have it delivered to your business, and contact a neighbor who is home during the day that can take it off, set it inside." 

Waldroop said it is a reoccurring issue for her location.

"We have our video camera system, I put signs on the door, I put like 'hey you're on camera' and it still kept happening," Waldroop said.

A common tip is to ask the delivery service to not place your package directly in front of your home but instead in a discrete location. For Waldroop, she asked them if she is not home, to not leave them there at all. 

"Luckily now we have a sign that notifies UPS and FedEx not to leave packages." Waldroop said. "So we haven't had any stolen because their not leaving them on our doorsteps." 

Wims said Lubbock Police have been doing their part to help stop these grinches. 

"We've stepped up our patrol during the daytime in these neighborhoods." Wims said. "We have several units of undercover officers, in normal clothes, in unmarked vehicles."

If you do have a package stolen, Wims said always file a police report.

"Your report may not recover your property but it may lead us to what we are looking for," Wims said.

Another option, get your packages delivered to the store. If you are ordering off Amazon, use the Amazon pick up station near 9th and University.

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