Cyber Monday rounds off biggest shopping weekend

Cyber Monday rounds off biggest shopping weekend

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The holiday shopping season is upon us, but not everyone is a fan of fighting off the crowds. Cyber Monday gives shoppers another shot at the big holiday deals. 

Ashley Knox, with The South Plains Mall said she is seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday mesh into one big shopping event. 

"Sometimes Cyber Mondays great because you had your top three items on Black Friday and you can kinda look for some other stuff on cyber Monday." Knox said. "It's very important to remember that our stores also honor our cyber Monday deals." 

Some of the largest online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart will be rolling out fresh deals and big savings on electronics and toys. Experts warn that online holiday shopping is also prime time for scammers. Greg Linder with the Better Business Bureau South Plains said his advice for consumers, be extra careful shopping on a mobile browser because scammers can create fake websites that may look legit. 

"You know if you're on a website or seeing something, a product that you've been looking at and the price is way too low for what it should actually be, that's a big red flag," Linder said.

When visiting website, be aware of the domain address. Domains that include a hyphen and words such as "shop" or "secure" are usually good clues that the site is fake. 

"If you're on a website and looking around and you see grammatical errors or different things like that, that could be indicative of a site that was set up quickly to sell phony products," Linder Said. 

Finally, make sure to use a website with a valid "HTTP" connection and a lock symbol. Experts said websites without that secure connection are more vulnerable to attacks. And if you can't catch the deals on Monday, they are likely to last through the week. 

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