Small businesses keep Lubbock economy churning

Small businesses keep Lubbock economy churning

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce reported of it's 1,900 members, 94 percent of them have around 50 employees or less. That's a lot of small business owners.

Ross and Jacob Hamil have been running Hamil Bros Studios, a video production company for five years. 

"Within your first five years, they say most small businesses will either succeed or fail," Jacob said. 

They said the key to succeeding is building connections. 

"The ability to network is absolutely huge if you want to make it as an entrepreneur and that's not just in Lubbock, that's anywhere," Ross said. 

They said businesses should not be afraid to collaborate. 

"Cultivate relationships with other entrepreneurs." Ross said. "They have services you want, you have services they want."   

Kristie Frazier, marketing director for KK's Corner Mall said small businesses keeps the Lubbock economy churning.  

"It allows local people to keep their money at home." Frazier said. "It not only helps the small businesses but it helps the farmers, it helps everybody in the community." 

Boutique TC Elli's has been open for 17 years. Owner, Tahnee Elliot said launching it's online store five years ago has expanded their clientele. 

"We're starting to ship out all over the U.S which has really helped." Elliot said. "When people come in for Tech games or if they come down, if their kids decide they wanna go to school here at Tech, it's really built our brand."

With loyalty spreading all across Texas. Slade Harrell, a shopper from Austin said it's the unique aspect about local businesses that continues to draw in customers. 

"We keep coming back because I know I'll find something cool." Harrell said. "My mom will toss something in for our Christmas list, something like that and we never leave empty handed." 

While several shoppers are out and about all weekend, Elliot said small business Saturday is an initiative that both consumers and owners should follow all year. 

"More importantly than anything it shouldn't just be about one day." Elliot said. "It should be about the entire year and all of Lubbock and anybody that's local coming out to support local businesses because we are in turn spending that money here in Lubbock, it's not going out to other places." 

In Texas, more than 45 percent of the working population is employed by small businesses, while nation-wide more than half are. 

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